“Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji’oon”!> “To Allah we belong and to Him is our return”!

Laid to rest today 10th July is a man who selflessly served his country with dedication, hard-work, loyalty and patriotism, Mr Phoday S. Sisay, the former managing Director of Gamtel and General Manager of GAMCEL who passed away peacefully at RVTH yesterday 9 July 2015; Gone was a man who was a native of Niamina Kudang and lives in Bakoteh; Gone was a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great-grand Father and Uncle who is Resting in Eternal Peace.

A man of integrity, dignity and above all Allah fearing, is finally in the best of places; Whenever you meet Phoday the first thing you see is his broad and genuine smiles. A man who does not know how to be angry;

Phoday was a man who loves and feared Allah to a point he spent most of his life in the remembrance of Allah (Dhikr Lah) in day, in night, in happiness and in sadness; Allah says  “For those who believe and work righteousness, is (every) blessedness, and a beautiful place of (final) return” Quran 13:29

A man who changed the lives of thousands of people for better without asking even a thank you from them, Phoday,  a man who we can say with certainty that is currently in the best company, as Allah has promised us to help and extend family ties and He Allah will take care of the rest of our affairs and Phoday did that till his last breath in this world.

A man who would not hesitate to stop you in the middle of conversation, whenever you deviate or mention someone’s name not even to talk ill about that person in his or her absences. Such was a man who fear and respect his neighbours even a small noise in his house would make him shiver out of fear of offending his neighbours.

A man who even in the middle of the night is ready to roll his sleeves to get dirty for other people’s problems; a man in whose vocabulary NO doesn’t exist; Gone was a man whose void would take a generation to fill is finally in eternal garden beneath which rivers flows.

Allah bring us to this world for a purpose and that is to worship him alone and Phoday was a man who truly and sincerely fulfill that  to the best of his ability. May Allah Grant You JANAT FIRDAUS and May Allah continue to Guide, protect and provide sustenance to the family you left behind and afford us the heart to bear this great lost we incurred.