Gambians Lets Unite For A Better Gambia

Alkali Fofana

UKGambia Activist Alkali Fofana, London

The current mini-crisis within the coalition stakeholders regarding the strategy to use in nominating candidates for the upcoming national assembly election is a cause for concern. My intention is not to side with any individual or political parties in the coalition, however, I am more interested to save Gambia from a political catasstrophe.

We the Gambians want political leaders who are united and focus on nation building to effectively coordinate both human and economic resources to develop the country. And avoid unnecessary arguments that may divide the people and slows down economic progress in the country.

Gambia is among the poorest countries in the world. As a consequence, many young Gambians died on the back way while they try to go to Europe for economic opportunities. In order to stem the flow of our youths undertaking such perilous journeys to the Mediterranean, the country must be in both financial and peaceful position to do that. The sooner Gambia becomes financially stable the better for the citizens as we will be saving many lives.

To guarantee economic security for our motherland, we must compromise our personal interest for the advantage of the general public. Competition is good when our talks and actions are engineered to benefit the citizens at large. Although we may have differences in opinions, let us use wisdom when we discuss about national issues.

When we do not agree with someone, let us approach the person with respect and wisdom because this will help the individual to understand and learn from our ideas. When we abusively criticize an individual, the person will become defensive and neither the individual nor we will benefit from the discussion. Let us focus on what we can do to achieve our common goals which to be specific are peace and prosperity.

We cannot ensure peace and prosperity for Gambia without having both human and economic developments. Consequently, human and economic development cannot be attained and sustained without good governance. Good governance requires political maturity; and one would ask what political maturity is?

Political maturity is to listen to each other’s perspective with the view to build mutual understanding among ourselves as this will to help enhance trust in our relationships. We do not have to like every Gambian in order to trust them, but what we need to comprehend is that, we cannot progress without each other so, in order to maintain peace and development in the country we have to learn to protect our common interest.

To secure both economic and human development in the Gambia we must have strong institutions where everyone is equal before the laws. Establish checks and balances to prevent any individual becoming too powerful. Enact laws that protect everyone including a poor farmer, disable people, and children.

Now that we are together as a coalition government this is a good chance to establish good governance in the country. If we can successfully form a coalition part and win an election in 2016 then we are capable of working together as a team to build our country. As you the political leaders are the role models for the Gambians, please lead your people by good examples. Please do not repeat mistakes that the former political leaders made in the past, learn from their mistakes.

If I tell you that Gambia can develop even better than London, will you believe me? London was once a poor city, nevertheless, it’s among the richest cities in the world today.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan were completely ruined during the Second World War. However, today these cities are among the most advanced places in the universe. How did the Japanese change their destroyed cities into wealthy ones? Gambia was never destroyed during the Second World War, how comes Japan is far more economically developed than the Gambia? What is the Gambia doing differently from Japan? These questions are important for us to be able to move forward.

The Japanese people could coordinate both their human and economic resources because they see Japan before any individual interests. Therefore, for the Gambia to develop we must change attitudes and we must become patriotic Gambians. We must be willing to collectively safeguard peace and prosperity for each Gambian.

Let us compromise our tribal differences because this is the key to our success. Either we like it or not, we will live in the same country and share the same resources. The French, the British, and the Germans used to be enemies, but now they are allies, even though they belong to different countries in their millions. Because they know that the only way they can have security is to look after each other’s interest.

If European states can establish democracy after hundreds years of war, Gambia can do it! If Japan and UK can assure economic sufficient, yes Gambia can ensure economic independent! For us to be the Dubai of Africa we ought to put the Gambia first and anything else secondary.

For the Gambia our home land “One People, One Nation, to the Gambia ever true.”

May the almighty Allah bless our beloved motherland?

Written by: Alkali Fofana and Edited by: Ansumana Ceesay, London

There is no Harm Being a Mandinka or Wollof, But There is Harm in the Intolerance of Others Being What They’re


Gambia’s New President Adama Barrow

Gambia is trending on a new path that it has never before experience and it would be understandable if few mistakes are made here and there until the path is clear. For over two decades, Gambians have been denied the right to express themselves in the simplest of terms and just over night all that has changed with the election of President Adama Barrow.

However, some people have expressed their views while living far away from the reach of the country’s former Dictator Yahya Jammeh. I’m one of those people and of course including Pa Nderry Mbai, Pa Samba Jaw, Fatou Camara and the rest. We have all benefited and enjoyed the privileges of self expression which in my opinion, every human being has an absolute right to self expression.

Meanwhile, there is outcry in some quarters regarding the views some people like Pa Nderry Mbai expresses and the large majority of those people crying out do have a point to do so. Pa Nderry Mbai is claimed to be a journalist who made ‘Fair and Balance’ his motto but only when it suits him. Like I said in many of my pieces I wrote over the years, Pa should be allowed to express his views even though we wholly and totally disagree with those views. But like anyone else, Pa’s right to utter out his views comes with a responsibility to safeguard the peace and stability of the country and of people’s right to private life.

Journalism is one of the noblest job on earth, as it seeks to inform and educate the populace, however, modern day journalism is more opinion oriented than fact base. However, most of us don’t seem to understand this and whenever Pa Nderry Mbai utter out his non-senses people would just jump to cry out about Pa’s porky-pies. Gambians have to brace themselves with people like Pa in the new Gambia, and come up with something to counter the non-senses they utter. But I do not believe in silencing people whenever their opinion differs with ours, which in effect is what we fought against in the last two decades.

The tribe issues that Gambians want to throw under the carpet is an important matter for people to discuss. As a matter of fact, in the Quran, Allah said in Surah Al-Hujura 49:13

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female, and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”

In addition, those who are knowledgeable in Islam also said, God created us in tribes for us to marvel at his Might, with different people speaking different languages and cultures.

And going by this Ayat in the Quran, it is no ones fault to be a Black, White, Mandinka, Wollof,  Jola etc, but it’s Allah’s will that you are what you are and if you want to deny that you are denying God’d will. What will not be in line with Allah’s will is to feel, believe or think that you are better than your next door neighbour either based on race, tribe or creed. And as a result, we should celebrate being what we are and and above all being a Gambians. There is no harm being a Mandinka, Wollof, Jola etc, however, there’s harm in not tolerating others being what they are.

Editor of Freedomnewspaper Pa Nderry Mbai

Editor of Freedomnewspaper Pa Nderry Mbai

We need to be tolerant and accept each other as we are, but not allow others like Pa Nderry Mbai divide us. Their motives are to sell more of their junks on their junk-sites with incoherent headlines and opinion based news rather than fact based news. Pa has publicly said he hasn’t worked outside of his so-called newspaper for more than four years, so only that would tell you what Pa’s motives are which is to create more fake news for people to rush to his spyware, malware and junk infected website for him to earn more money from google ads and the likes.

This is the new Gambia where information is not hoarded but reveal for all to see and challenge. For us to keep the Barrow administration on its toes, we the citizens should task the government to be accountable to the people and not leave it to few unscrupulous people like Pa Nderry Mbai to manipulate and divide us as they will. Let’s be smart and vigilant to challenge any junk news someone want us to buy into and trash it in the bins. “One Gambia, One People, One Nation. To the Gambia ever true”

“My Gov’t is Going to Look at Every Avenue And There Will be a Complete Overhaul of the System,” President Barrow Promised


The new Gambian President Adama Barrow held  his first Press Conference as President on Saturday and said that every aspect of the country would need an overhaul after the former president Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year in power, but that the country’s notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA) would remain.

President Barrow discussed wide range of issues with local and International news agencies and not least the issue of the NIA.

When asked whether the NIA will continue to exist, the President said yes, it’s necessary but the name has to change.  “The rule of the law, that will be the order of the day,” he said, adding that training would be given to NIA’s operatives. Continue reading

Gambia: After 22 Years of Dictatorship, Gambia and Yahya Jammeh Has Finally Parted Company, As He Seeks Refuge in Guinea

The former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, who for more than seven weeks after the December 1st election refused to step down, has confirmed in a televised message that he has decided to relinquish power. Before then, his stand led to President Barrow to be sworn in at Gambia’s embassy in Dakar in neighbouring Senegal on Thursday.

“I have decided today (Friday) in good conscience to relinquish the mantle of leadership of this great nation with infinite gratitude to all Gambians,” he said in a statement broadcast on state television early on Saturday.

The announcement came in the early hours of Saturday morning, after long hours of negotiations with the presidents of Guinea Conakry and Mauritania respectively as well as a delegation from ECOWAS and the UN. Continue reading