On the 10th and 11th of April 2000, Sixteen (16) students, including a Red Cross volunteer were gunned down in The Gambia, broad daylight by the security forces, since then, the killers have been indemnified from prosecution by Yahya Jammeh’s government.
Gambia Voices is setup to seek justice for the students that were killed, maimed, tortured and jailed for only exercising their constitutional rights, by protesting against security forces previous brutalities against two of their colleagues.
Of course, the fight for justice goes further than that as it includes all other injustices that were and are being carried out on a daily basis against the people of the Gambia. No relenting in our efforts to see justice serve for the #10/11Apr2000 victims.
Human rights is God given, so we should all strive to uphold it. Each and everyone is welcome to join us in our fight and to give voice to all those voiceless Gambians regardless of their political, tribal, religious, race, gender, sex and age.


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