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Thione Seck has finally been charged with money laundering after millions of fake banknotes of euros and dollars were found in his house.  If found guilty, Mr Seck could spent the rest of his life behind bars. 

A counterfeiting machine was allegedly found at the home of Thione’s accomplice whom he was arrest with. His lawyers argue that Thione was dupe and the producer paid the money as an advance payment to the upcoming tour he was suppose to undertake.

Thione and his accomplice were charged with money laundering, forged foreign currency and conspiracy. After his first appearance in court, Mr Seck spent the night in Dakar central prison.

Thione was one of the most respected singers in Senegal, however, his arrest and subsequent charges for money laundering has made many to question his integrity and honesty. Thousands of Thione’s fans were disappointed and feel let down by him but some were not so surprised because of the flamboyant lifestyle of his son Wally Seck