Thione Seck of all people, the famous Senegalese singer is nicked by the Senegalese investigators for money laundering. Thione was advised to cancel his Shows with Dictator Jammeh but his reply was that he needs to feed his family just as any family man. However, Thione refused to put the plight of the people of The Gambia and went ahead with his shows. No wonder the man is adamant to go ahead with his shows in The Gambia, €100 million for 100 shows in four continents, what a porky-pies Mr Thione. We are not insinuating that Jammeh is part of this crime yet, but people that are patient shall see the end of the road to this case. Enjoy the Google translation of Thione Seck’s case courtesy of Seneweb:

Thione Seck was arrested Wednesday at his home with an Ivorian. Counterfeit dollars and dollars were found in his home. The search carried out at his “accomplice” Ivory Coast also helped to find other denominations of counterfeit notes and manufacturing equipment of such tickets. S seizure amounted to over 40 billion CFA francs, advance “The Observer”.

Questioned by the police of the Research Section Colobane, Thione Seck denied the facts of money laundering. “This money was paid for my tours I have to perform in Europe,” he said, according to “The Observer”. It should honor 100 dates for a tour of 6 months. He was to receive a total sum of 100 million euros (65 billion CFA francs). He received, he indicated an advance of euros to 50 million (32.5 billion). It is therefore estimated to have been trapped because he did not know that he was s counterfeit.

The gendarmes, not convinced of his explanations, asked him to provide them with the contract that was signed with the organizers of the tour that would Gambians. N what he could do, says our sources. It is thus still detained. Investigators designed the offenses of criminal conspiracy, false banknotes detention and money laundering.