Press release from Dr Isatou Touray’s campaign on the suspension of her campaign and endorsement of the opposition standard bearer, Adama Barrow as the unified candidate of the December 1st presidential candidate.

Below is the full statement:

“Dialogue for peace and moving forward with coalition 2016 for Gambia Press Release Fellow Gambians it is with a deep sense of patriotism and humility that I wish to hereby recognise Mr Adama Barrow as the coalition flag bearer. I also hereby unreservedly endorses his candidature and to congratulate him and the entire opposition, leaders and delegates for an unprecedented achievement in our nation’s history.

In a demonstration of my leadership and in vindication of my desire to present myself as a unifying candidate for the opposition, I hereby acknowledge that the emergence of a single candidate under the banner of a unified opposition coalition is dream come true. Fellow Gambians, I must acknowledge the efforts done by Team Isatou in the Diaspora and Gambia and all those individuals who have formed a formidable force to bring the opposition together after 22 years of efforts to remove the Jammeh regime.

Today, I celebrate all those who stood by me to effect the change we desire for the Gambia. I see nothing but the Gambia, a Gambia that will thrive on the principles of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedom. A Gambia, with good and strong institutions, that will work and thrive on policies and principles of good governance that will benefit all of us.

In this vein, I wish to hereby suspend my presidential election campaign and withdraw my candidature, so as to offer my unflinching support and cooperation to the coalition in a bid to stir the affairs of this country towards salvation from tyranny. I wish to, therefore thank all Gambians and non-Gambians, at home and abroad who have reposed their confidence and trust in me through various ways including financial and material donations, contributions of ideas and suggestions, community mobilization and routine campaign organization.

Indeed, I have been humbled and inspired by your support. I wish to urge all my supporters and indeed all Gambians to rally behind the candidature of Mr. Adama Barrow and the opposition to vote for the change we desire on December 1st. I equally urge all opposition parties, leaders and supporters, to put any party affiliations aside for sometimes and focus on unity of purpose and direction to remove this dictator with an overwhelming victory for the Coalition candidate come December 1st. I call on all of us to firmly stand behind this unity candidate under this coalition and seek the transformation of our country with a deep sense of urgency and love for the country.

My desire to step up and enter the political arena has never been for selfish interests, or material gain, but driven by a strong sense of patriotism and historic duty as a mother, a woman, a worker, human rights activist and above all a citizen who has witnessed the untold misery and deprivation that our people have been subjected to over the past 22 years.

I wish to thank the Almighty Allah for giving me the life, courage and means to have taken the mantle of service for my people this far. I wish to pray to God to continue to guide and protect the Gambia and particularly to guide us all through this most difficult task of rescuing the country from uncertainty and hardships. I wish Adama Barrow and my fellow coalition opposition leaders the best in this most important election of our lifetime, so that we can emerge victorious and restore democracy. I wish Gambians and the Gambia, our dear motherland peace and stability, by the Grace of Almighty God. God Bless The Gambia. In the Service of The Gambia I remain, Yours Sincerely, Dr. Isatou Touray November 4, 2016.”