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Dictator Jammeh

The Gambia deranged despot leader, Yahya Jammeh is on the country wide tour, which began on Tuesday 17th May 2016. Jammeh began his tour at the border town in North Bank Region of Farafenni, and speaking publicly for the first time on Wednesday 18th May, about the political unrest in the country, Jammeh threathen to bury any opposition protesters nine feet deep and no Westerner country can say anything about that.

It can be recalled that, protest for electoral reforms led by the United Democratic Party (UDP) youth leader Solo Sandedng, broke out on 14th April 2016 which led to the arrests, torture and detentions of dozens of protesters in the country. Subsequently, Solo Sandeng was savagely tortured to death while under the custody of the security forces. Meanwhile, as a reult of these brutalities, the UDP executives led by Lawyer Ousainou Darboe also took to the streets on 16th April to demand the release of Solo Sandeng and Co “Dead or Alive.” The security forces also reacted with brute to arrest, brutally torture, detain and subsequently charge Darboe and Co.

Deranged Jammeh Label Oppositions as Evil Vermin

Solo Sandeng at a Protest demanding electoral reforms in the Gambia before his arrest and tortured to death in police custody

Meanwhile, Dictator Jammeh issued a warning to the opposition, saying “Let me warn you those evil vermin called oppositions, If you want to destabilise this country, I will bury you nine feet deep and no Western country can say anything,” Jammeh warns. The bipolar Gambian leader aleged that, some of the opposition members are on the payroll of West and their only motive is to overthrow his regime through violent.

In his usual way of intimidating the Gambian populace, Dictator Jammeh swore by the Holy Quran saying, “I am warning all of you Gambians and I will swear to the Holy Quran. If you have a relative that is on the payroll of the west he will not even enjoy that money and if you support him, you will also join him.” Jammeh further threathen to monitor Gambians who receive monies from  their relatives in the West to use it to destabilise the country.

Jammeh went on to swore again that “You can oppose, but you have no right to advocate violence to destabilise the country. If you cannot get it through the ballot box, if you want to get it through violence, for seven million years nobody will see you,” Dictator Jammeh warned.  Meanwhile, in referring to detained opposition protesters, Jammeh threathen that any Gambian arrested in connection to the opposition protests, the person will never see daylight again and he warns that they will rot in jail.

Autocrat Gambian Leader on the Scheduled December Elections

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UDP Leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe

Deranged Gambia leader, warm the gathering that let nobody compare him to the oppositions, “For twenty one years, you want to compare me with people who cannot even give you a loaf of bread. So for Allah’s sake, I am not on political tour.  I don’t want anyone to talk about politics throughout the tour. Can an elephant be afraid of an ant? If an ant, is making noise over an elephant, just ignore him,” Jammeh ridiculed.

According to Dictator Jammeh, he has no problem for any one to vote against him, “You have a right to join any political party. You can vote for anyone you want. However, no one has the right to join a group of hate peddlers, that hate themselves, hate Africa and are slaves to the West. They want to destabilise this country. If you join that group, you will regret why you are born on the face of this earth. Just join them and see,” he declares. Jammeh further warn that, he will crush any opposition protest with brute force.

Dictator Jammeh went on to say that the upcomming election is between “development or Backwardness” and challenge the West to confront him if thy object to what he has to say or do. “Elections are very important for me to know those who want backwardness or development.  Tomorrow they can say whatever they want on the internet, but if the West have any objection to what I am saying let them confront me,” Jammeh remarked. Meanwhile, Jammeh claimed that, he will prefer to die than witness Gambian children fleeing to seek refuge in the West due to violent in the country.

Dictator Jammeh’s Rant on Britain, France and the US 

The despot Gambian leader, labelled the Western media as “LIARS” and the mouth piece of the West who are only interested to destabilise Africa. “They say massive demonstrations in The Gambia, what great liars are the western press, you are all liars. Because you are used as mouthpieces to destabilise Africa, but in The Gambia, you will fail, as you have failed 21 years to destabilise this country with your lies and evil intensions,” said Dictator Jammeh.

Jammeh further warns that West only interest is to destabilise Africa, “Let me make it very clear, there is no single Western country that wants to see an African country to develop, whether they like it or not, we have been developing for the past 21 years. And we will develop in the next one billion years. There is no Western country that can stop it,” Jammeh remarked.

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The British Prime Minister David Cameron

In his customary rant against Britain, deranged Jammeh aleged that he is a better democrat than Britain as he accused them of exploting African and masterminding slavery in the continent. Jammeh is quoted saying, “I am a better democrat than all the British system combined. Do you Gambians know that the British have been here fr 400 years and did not build a National Assembly? They have been here for 400 years and did not build one primary school. Even one High School, they didn’t build. Armitage wasnt not built by them, it was built by the traditional rulers,” Jammeh aleged.

According to Jammeh, his 21 year rule of the Gambia have witness more and better economic and infrastructural developments than that of Britains 400 years of colinisation of the country combined with Sir Dawda Jawara’s 30 year administration. Jammeh aledged that Jawara’s adminstration can only burtst of one storey building compare that of his administration, where even fishermen and herdsmen have their own luxury storey buildings.

The despot deranged leader, further accused the West especially France and the US of damaging and abandoning Syria and her people. He said, they claimed to be friends of Syria but today, they have abadone and isolate Syrian. According to Jammeh, the Syrian passport that was found on one of the terrorists who was involved in November 2015 Paris attacked was planted by the authorities as a mean to abadon the Syrian refugees, Jammeh concludes.