Baby Aisha, a 4 week old baby, who is denied her rights to be with her Mum by Yahya Jammeh

Yahya Jammeh we all know one thing is true of every human being is conscience, we all have a conscience, but how can you not use yours to realise that to imprison someone without any ground is completely wrong and inhumane. Especially, Kaddy Fatty a mother to a 4 week old baby Aisha, who is deprived of her basic human and fundamental rights to be with her mum. Kaddy was arrested on the 9th May, while on her way home at Kairaba Avenue,  from attending her husband, Momodou Fatty’s trial who was arrested together with Lawyer Ousainou Darboe on the 16th April 2016. Remember Yahya Jammeh, you’re a family man and therefore there is no need to remind you how traumatic, disoriented and lurid you will be if this was done to your children, Mariam and Muhammed.
We all want to be treated in the best way possible, so why can’t you not treat everyone in the best way possible, especially women that are innocent of any crime. Since 1994, you have been saying you love Gambian women and you will do everything possible under the sun for them, but yet still you deny the same women their rights to be with their families for doing nothing. Yet still baby Aisha is denied the right to be nursed by her mum. 
Yahya Jammeh, your gold digger wife Zainab, is claiming to be the darling of Gambian children, but one would wonder whether that’s sincere, when baby Aisha is denied her rights to be hugged, loved and cared for by her mum. Kaddy’s only crime is to attend the bogus trial of her husband, whom you incarcerated 33 days today 18th May, for marching to demand Solo Sandeng “Dead or Alive.
It is true Yahya Jammeh that, so many women have suffered under your 22 years of misrule and Dictatorship in the Gambia. But perhaps this is the lowest you could ever get to by denying the poor innocent Aisha, her rights to look into her mum’s eyes and smile and dazzle in her mum’s arms.
Yahya Jammeh just a couple of days ago, you said you hate to see Africans suffered, however, baby Aisha is an African who urgently needs her mum. Can you for once be true to your words and unconditionally release all the women you locked for nothing, especially Baby Aisha’s mum, she can’t wait to be hugged, loved and cared for once again.