Dictator Yahya Jammeh at Banjul Prayer Ground with The Imam Ratib of Banjul Cherno Kah
Dictator Jammeh With Muslims Leaders at Statehouse in Banjul
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Modou Lamin Touray the President of Gambia Supreme Islamic Council

Since the first republic led by the former president Sir Dawda K. Jawara, at the end of every Ramadan, Muslims leaders used to go to the Statehouse and meet with the president and share some words of wisdom and prayers. Meanwhile, that tradition is still continuing in the second republic led by Yahya Jammeh, however, something has changed in the tradition, as Jammeh is now using the occasion to threaten Gambians instead of using the occasion to seek for forgiveness from people.

During a similar event in August 2012, Jammeh threatens to kill all those who were on death row by September of that year and a week later, he killed 9 inmates by firing squad. Meanwhile, due worldwide condemnation of his actions he abandoned his plans of killing the rest of death row inmates since then. However, he has threatened again to implement the law to the latter without fear or favour as he lament on the rising murder crimes in the country. Yahya Jammeh has warned that death row inmates should expect to have their sentences implemented, apparent possibility of ending the three year unofficial moratorium on executions. What is disturbing about Jammeh’s treats is because nobody around him is capable of facing him with the truth, so he is more likely to do as he found it necessary and that is catastrophic for the country.

Meanwhile, in a televised address to the nation, Jammeh reiterate his threat once again as he said “statistic has shown the increase in serious crime such as murder, infanticide, rape of young children is on the increase in the country  and enough is enough.” Jammeh went on to say that “from now on the law would apply to the latter for these despicable crimes”, because these laws were meant to stop such crimes and they can only be a deterrent went they are apply to the latter, he said. Jammeh gave assurance that if anyone found guilty, the laws would apply to the latter without mercy or exception. Jammeh also used the occasion to give out D500,000 to the attendees.