Majority Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta

The Gambia robber stamp parliamentarians have approved the controversial and draconian Electoral Reform Bill on Tuesday 7 July 2015, this bill is designed to make the country a one party state as the Jammeh administration wants to make it impossible for opposition parties and candidates to participate in elections in The Gambia.

Among the changes the registration fee of presidential candidates has been increased from D10, 000 (£200) to whopping D500,000 (£10,000) and parliamentary candidate registration fee has also been increased from D5,000 (£100) to D50,000 (£1000). It also has raised the registration fee for mayoral candidates from D2, 500 (£50) to D50, 000 (£1000) and local Councillors from D1, 250 (£25) to D10, 000 (£200).  In the former electoral law, losing candidates are refunded the money when they secure 40 percent of the total votes  however,  after much debate that part of the law has been upheld.

This is no surprised at all, because the Gambian parliament is run by dictator Jammeh’s party the APRC and no member has the boldness to against it, lest you find yourself in Mile II prison. After all it’s the same parliament led by Fabakary Tombong Jatta et al. that passed the indemnity bill to indemnified the killers of April 10/11 student protesters in year 2000. It’s the oppositions turn to accept their demise or fight tooth and nail against this draconian bill; the world is watching.