Correction!! In our post on 1/07/2015 with the above title, the bag of rice Jammeh gave as alms in Niamina Sotokoi to the most respected person in the village was 121 bags instead of 121,000. This error was due to typographical error and Gambia Voices sincerely appologises for the error.
Meanwhile, during the Ramadan, Jammeh gave 77 bags of sugar this time to village of Niamina Sotokoi and all these are on the advice of his marabouts for fear of Sheikh Sidia Bayo. Right now, Jammeh fears no one more than Sheikh Sidia Bayo​ because his Marabouts have advised him to be careful of him. Has anyone heard Jammeh mentioning Sheikh Sidia Bayo by name, he does not even call him by name and all that is out of advice given to him. No matter how many alms Jammeh gives out, there are so many Sidia Bayos who are ready to end his terror and tyranny in the Gambia.