It is an open secret that Yahya Jammeh believes in idols and he carry out most, if not all the things that he is told to undertake for him to stay in power for as long as it takes. During his just concluded hate tour of the country, he was told by one of his many marabouts that he has to give charity to one of Sidia Bayo’s relative in Niamina Sotokoi, else Sidia could be very difficult to handle or stop in challenging him for presidency in The Gambia at a long run. In following what his marabouts told him, Jammeh gave out 121 bags of rice, a very expensive car estimated to be worth over D2 million and D500,000 cash to one of the most respected person in Niamina Sotokoi.

This is a top secret that he Jammeh would not want most people to know, however, Gambians are working round the clock to expose him and his administration on daily basis.  What Jammeh fails to understand is that, it does not matter what and how he worship his marabouts and idols, change is inevitable and is eminent so is better for him to use the country’s meagre resources on something productive than this. Gambia Voices commend Sidia Bayo and all other diasporans who are not relenting on their quest for democracy, rule of law and justice in the Gambia.