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Dictator Yahya Jammeh said he prefers five Wollofs to work for him than one Mandinka and also prefers four Fulas to work for him than one Mandinka during his hate tour of the country. This is not the first time dictator Jammeh has been spreading and manifesting his hate against Mandinkas, but because he is scared of them and the Mandinkas are level-headed and they intend well for Gambia, they would not follow his hatred. If anything Jammeh’s hate speech has just strengthened our arguments that without electoral reforms, no election will end his dictatorship.

Mandinkas are the largest tribe in the Gambia making up 42% of the country’s 1.8 million population, followed by Fulas 18%, Wollofs 16%, Jolas 10%, Sarahules 9%  and others 5%, then how does dictator Jammeh win elections if Mandinkas hate him? Therefore, the Gambia’s elections are fixed or dictator Jammeh is saying what he says best  LIES. His intention as usual is to divert attention from his failures in order to continue to divide and rule of the country just as many other dictators do. This is the same tactics dictator Jammeh used 15 years ago, when he murdered 16 innocent students in April 2000 in the Gambia and he blamed it on the students and the opposition parties. It’s nothing new, but Gambians should not relent from demanding their country back from his 21 years of lies, murder, torture, disappearance, stealing, tribalism, nepotism, economic mismanagement and complete failures of Gambian. If any tribe in the country thinks that dictator piggy liar Jammeh is doing you any favour, you better think twice because his hate messages are just a manifestation of his character which is demeaning to the highest office in the land. We have seen him killed Mandinkas, Fulas, Wollofs, Jolas, Sarahules, Serere, Manjagoes and foreigners so Gambians know the type of person he is.

Jammeh’s hate against the Mandinka tribe should make them feel very proud and patriotic, since he dictator Jammeh has come out and reconfirm that Mandinkas are the only tribe not to endorse his dictatorship and devilish way of leadership. Mandindas are decent, straightforward, unbiased and above all patriotic, if any Mandinka feels insulted by Jammeh’s idiotic and childish remarks, then you must be as foolish as he Jammeh, because as the old saying goes “if an ass kicked you and you kick back, then you are all equally an ass” and dictator Jammeh is even more than an ass. Because dictator Jammeh has an agenda to bring in tribal conflict in the country which is why he is on a hate tour in order to spread his hate messages as far wide as he could, but that should not distract Gambians from the bigger picture which is for us to end his dictatorship in the Gambia.  Gambians are too decent to be brainwashed by an idiot and a diabolical person like dictator Jammeh. Long live the Gambia.