Gambians are used toYahya Jammeh’s erratic behaviour and statements, however, he has taken it to a different level now by not only lying that he will rule for twenty (20) million years, but to say he will choose who is to replace him and to insult, threaten and intimidate the people and the country’s opposition is disturbing. 

For Jammeh to go on record and swore to say what he said, that he will continue to rule the Gambia for as long as he wants and then hand over power to the person he chooses is enough for Gambians to act now and take back their country.

Jammeh is not decent so he does not deserve to be treated with decency. Jammeh claimed to be elected by more than 76% of the electorates in the 2011 elections and he is going round the country calling them and the oppositions  bunch dogs and donkeys and still continue to rule those people. Only in The Gambia such could happen and you still stay in power beyond that statement. Meanwhile, we have argued that unless there is an electoral reform in the Gambia, an opposition will never taste victory, however, Jammeh himself has made it clear form everyone to believe in what we are advocating for.

Dictator Jammeh, also went on to insult and intimidate the Badibukans by saying those that are mentioning opposition in his presence are mad and also because they are the only people that entertain the dead opposition in their region, so they are ungrateful to his administration. Dictator Jammeh also went on to say that he brought in roads, water and electricity to Badibu and yet still they are against him. Dictator Jammeh definitely needs some medical attention, because as a so called leader those things that he claimed to bring to Badibu are his primary responsibility, else he should just pack and leave the presidency.

Meanwhile, Dictaor Jammeh continued his porky-pies in Brikama-ba by making his usual false and unfounded promises that he has plans to build a railway line linking all major towns in the country from Banjul to Koina. Just like many of his other porky-pies, such as making Gambia the next Singapore or Dubia by 2020 dictator Jammeh find pleasure in lying to Gambia people. Just a couple of months ago, he went to beg for $10 million dollars from the IMF for emergency funding else the country’s economy will collapse and today he is giving a ghost promised as usual.

Gambians only need to realise that they have a diabolical and devilish leader who needs to be treated as such in order for them to take back their country. There is no donkey or pig more than Jammeh himself, because if you called the people you are claiming to be ruling, dogs and donkeys, surely you must be the CHIEF DONKEY AND HEAD DOG of those people.