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Yahya Jammeh going round the country and insulting the entire country is nothing new and it will continue to happen as long as he is in power, simply because he knows people don’t dare to act against him. He divided the security forces and instituted distrust between them so that they can’t gang against him. He brain washed and rendered the security forces impotent and useful only for himself. Then people used to join the army, police and prison police for their nobility and patriotism to the country, but now people join those institutions to show their allegiance to Jammeh and as long as that is the case, then the country will be in this predicaments for a long time.

Just like many other dictators, some of Jammeh’s tactics are to divide the tribes and make some of the tribes look unpatriotic and against all other tribes and unfortunately some people have been made to believe in his antics. However, Gambians need to see for themselves what has happened and what continued to happen in other countries where there are/were tribal and religious problems between people. Take Central African Republic, Rwanda and Nigeria for examples where people have be killed, families exterminated, separated and houses, mosques and churches have all been burnt to ashes. These are as a result of people believing hate preachers like Jammeh, who used their status to influence people opinion against each other. Meanwhile, it’s difficult for Gambians to accept this, but we are not immune to fall under this category if we continue to believe in Jammeh’s hate and divide and rule tactics that he instilled since 1994. A typical Gambian family is made up of at least 5 different tribes, so it is left to us to see the bigger picture rather than following Jammeh’s porky-pies.

The intimidation tactics Jammeh used to fool people, that he is a super natural being are just a way to keep himself in power, however, when people stand up to him, they will be surprised the sort of coward they will find him to be. They just need to see what had happened to Gaddafi et al., then they will realise that Jammeh is just one of those cowards.