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Only when someone is desperate, out of option and pushed to the limits of their abilities they will embark on such dangerous activities like crossing the Mediterranean sea.  When the people of the country are exiled, widowed, jailed, killed, maimed and properties seized for not sharing the same views and opinions with only one person in the country called Yahya Jammeh, then there must be a worrying problem in the country.

What is happening in The Gambia, is a clear manifestation of desperation that leads the youths of our country to be risk being drowned in the Mediterranean sea. In a country where children are imprisoned for the alleged crimes of their parents; where school children are tortured and murdered with impunity; where children are mutilated for ghost reasons; where innocent people are witch hunt on the orders of the president; where government blame the citizenry for the lack of jobs in the country; where the president of the country compete with the businesses in all sectors of the country’s economy; where the president can choose which farm land or private property he wants to seize; where the three arms of the government i.e. the executive, legislature, and the judiciary is run and control by one individual; where it’s only one person whose voice and inputs matter in the affairs of the country; where no private TV station is allowed to operate; where only one person dominates 80% of the air time of the only TV station in the country; where journalist are killed with impunity, disappeared without trace, jailed for liable, asked to write what best fits the authorities; where writing and posting on the internet can take 15 years of someone’s life behind bars with hard labour; where lawyers are shot or threaten for advocating for justice; where people’s job are as secured as the last day they went to work; where even the CIA’s can’t catch up with the counts of ministers and senior civil servant hired and fired quarterly; where the oppositions are not allowed to appear in the national radio and television; where civil servants are not allowed to attend opposition events; where the use of public addressing systems required a police permit; where anyone who has a different view with the president is label an unpatriotic; where religious leaders are jailed, tortured and exiled; where printing and distribution of T-shirts is tantamount to treason and life in prison; Then what more can someone do in such circumstance, indeed desperate things.

Believe me, this list is inexhaustible, so with a list like this from one tiny country, what do you expect from her people? Of course the answer is frustration, anger, and desperate measures like risking life to crossing the Mediterranean sea to Europe. Please people let see the bigger picture which is the Gambia and come up with a solution to end this 15th Century slavery and dictatorship in The Gambia…