It is every human being’s natural right to have an opinion and your opinion should be heard and be respected, however, every right comes with a responsibility. I most admit that Baba or Bah Ebou is a stress reliever, even when you are stressed whenever you watch his films online it must put a smile on your face and that is great because usually Gambians are shy of such acts. However, there is a film titled ‘MESSAGE TO HATERS’ that concerns me and I found one particular statement in his film concerning. In the film he mentioned that he will not follow those who insults Yahya Jammeh because he wants to go back to The Gambia as he does not want to live and die in the cold. I found that statement to be irresponsible, selfish and insulting to the victims of Yahya Jammeh’s brutality, because there is no need for anyone to wait until Yahya Jammeh’s terror comes your way directly before you realise that he is a dictator and Gambians deserves better.

Two US citizens of Gambian origin Alhaji Ceesay and Ebrima Jobe had gone to Gambia since 2013 and since then their whereabouts are still unknown to their families and friends. However,  Alhaji and Ebrima were not critiques of Yahya Jammeh neither do they ever insulted him, but they have disappeared under his guidance and up to this hour they have not been seen. This goes to show you that no one is spared from Yahya Jammeh’s terror and you have countless examples this. Fifteen years ago this month, 16 students, including a journalist and a Red Cross volunteer were massacred in the Gambia by Yahya Jammeh and his thugs and up to date no one has been brought to account. You also have countless examples of the killings and enforce disappearance of many innocent Gambians.

As someone who claimed to have followings you should know better that it is selfish and irresponsible for you to be only concerned about your eminent return to the Gambia while those victims are yet to taste justice. One of the reasons why Yahya Jammeh still continues to reign his terror on Gambians are our individualism and selfish thoughts and acts. Most of you are concerned about themselves and very few are concerned about the country and as John F. Kennedy said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, and as long as we are not ready to stand for the collective good of the country then the Gambia you want to return to would be doomed before your eyes. As long as we do not see the bigger picture, which is The Gambia, Jammeh will continue to havoc terror on Gambians without mercy and the people and their properties will continue to be his subjects.

The freedom and peace you are enjoying in the US was fought for with the blood and sweat of other people, which is why you can say whatever you want without the fear of arrest or murder, but the same is not true of the Gambia. People who want to change the status quo in the Gambia need encouraging, but not irresponsible statements like those of yours. Every Gambian living outside the Gambia definitely likes to return home one day, but not to return to a failed and doomed state that Yahya Jammeh is directing the country to.

Like I said in the beginning everyone is entitled to your opinion, but that right also comes with a responsibility which we all need to safeguard. Thank you and long live the Gambia.