First Lady of The Gambia Zineb Jammeh

Hi Zineb Jammeh,
Gambians are interested to know when will justice come for the students who have been butchered by your husband. It’s 15 years and counting but still no justice and its been said ‘justice delay is justice deny’.
As someone who is showing to care about Gambian children, even though we know you don’t, when will you sit at night and ask your monster husband Yahya Jammeh, hey sweetie, when will we do the right thing and bring ourselves to justice for the innocent kiddos we murdered because the families the kids we murdered in April 10 and 11, 2000 and the ones we maimed are waiting and they have been waiting for long now?
However, we will wait as long as it takes but one thing is certain justice will eventually be serve and the families will finally a closure for the families (INSHALLAHU). Remember your friends Laurent Gbagbo and Simone Gbagbo are now behind bars for the crimes they committed against their people and at one point they were in exactly the same position as you are now so your time will finally come. Why not do the right thing now before it’s too late.