logoJammeh attacks ECOWAS Youth Council Following the recent clamour for his step down and peaceful hand over to President-Elect Adama Barrow, who won the Dec. 1st Presidential election in Gambia and Jammeh has stepped up his arbitrary arrest and disappearance of Gambians.

The drowning Gambian President that is billed to step down tomorrow has taken the fight to the West African Youths. This was made known to Changed Nigeria News Crew by one of the youths whose house was searched yesterday by armed soldiers loyal to Yahya Jammeh. Soldiers have been going round the town rounding up military officers and civil society members who show any sign of dissent to Yahya Jammeh.

Our source who preferred to remain anonymous said at about 3 pm Gambian time yesterday, Yahya Jammeh’s armed soldiers marched to their family house with intent to rounding the up the whole family, but fortunately they were all not at home as at the time the soldiers came calling. This is because relatives and friends had tipped them off.

The youth who like most Gambian youths are members of West Africa Premier youth body known as the ECOWAS Youth Council has experienced a series of threats and harassment. Such acts of arbitrary arrest and disappearances seems to have been the order of the day as the Gambian dictator seems getting more desperate by the day.

It should be noted that just last week Changed Nigeria News reported that the regional body – ECOWAS Youth Council (EYC) sent an open letter to Yahya Jammeh pleading with the dictator to step down peacefully and spare Gambians the impending doom.

Reacting to this new and worrying development, the President of the regional youth organization Amb. Seun Ologun-Williams is further reassuring Gambian youths that EYC will be with them all the way. He further demanded that Jammeh to do the needful by peacefully stepping down as contained in its earlier letter to him. He said no amount of intimidation will water down the resolve of the determined Gambian youths. He also stated that the regional youth body stands with the regional body ECOWAS COMMISSION.

Report by: ECOWAS Youth Council