The police requesting the public to seek a permit before moving with a convey is all geared towards creating a reaction from the general public and or the coalition supporters for the outgoing-president Jammeh to have a reason to extend his tyranny. On Monday The Gambia inspector general of police, released a statement on national television demanding the general public to seek a permit before moving in a convey. According to the statement that is to permit a smooth movement of traffic. 
Meanwhile, all these are Jammeh’s plans. We have seen Jammeh denying the President-Elect Adama Barrow and his team an air time on GRTS since his ill and illegal announcement rejecting and nullify the election results. The President-Elect should be given State protection, but none is given to him still. We have also recently seen pictures of soldiers bringing down the “#GambiaHasDecided” posters across the country.

How many times did people went with a convey to “Gamos”, funerals or weeding ceremonies without a police permit? Of course many times and why wait till now, because they want to provoke people into a reaction. We have to be intelligent and do nothing stupid as Jammeh and his gangs are wishing. 

Jammeh’s intentions are to find a way to provoke Gambians which will create a reaction and in which case he can use the State of emergency laws to extend his stay and avoid ECOWAS from humiliating him by removing him in power by force. 

However, Gambians have patiently waited for over 22 years before this moment, I suppose we can be super discipline and patient to abide by what ever orders the dictator might give in his last weeks of his authoritarian rule all to avoid giving him legitimacy to rule for more than a second necessary. 

It’s only 22 days to go before the history making inauguration of President-Elect Adama Barrow. Please lets listen to our responsible authorities, just as Hon Halifa Sallah has said and avoid any thing that will jeopardise our new found freedom.