dr_isatou_tourayThe history maker in the Gambian politics, Madam Dr Isatou Touray, the first female presidential candidate in the Gambia is scheduled to deliver her maiden address to the nation later today Saturday 10th Sept. 2016 at 17.00 GMT. After her successful and much talked about Convention last weekend, she is ready to deliver her first of the many addresses to the people of the Gambia and beyond.

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Below is the full press release:

“The Gambia is at a critical crossroad. For 22 years our motherland and her people endured the greatest pain, uncertainty and loss in their lives never experienced before since independence. Not only do our people live in fear and constant violations of their fundamental rights and freedoms, but also Gambians continue to be disempowered and harmed with impunity by a regime that has seized all power from the people. Quality of life has fallen drastically while cost of living is fast becoming unaffordable for the vast majority.

The Gambia, which hosts the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights to monitor and enforce the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights otherwise known as Banjul Charter because it was conceived in the Gambian capital, has now  dropped from being one of the most celebrated democracies in Africa to one of the continent’s leading pariah and isolated nations due to the poor and oppressive leadership of Pres. Yaya Jammeh.  The time to salvage the Gambia is in this election on 1st December 2016.

On 2nd September 2016 Dr. Isatou Touray launched her candidacy for the office of the president. She comes with a message of change in unity, equality and progress. Dr. Touray is a longstanding social worker for justice and equality in the Gambia spanning more than two decades. A responsible wife and mother and manager, she has seen and felt the plight of her fellow citizens and has come to offer herself to contribute to the restoration of democracy in the Gambia. She has issued her manifesto where she has laid out her vision and mission for the country. Several press conferences to the Gambian media at home and abroad to further share her vision and mission have been given, while consultations continue with various stakeholders in the attempt to bring about unity to salvage the country.

Tomorrow Saturday September 10, Dr. Isatou Touray will continue to engage with Gambians as she makes her first public address to the Gambian nation to further explain her rationale for standing as an independent candidate as well as how we should salvage our motherland and the way forward. The address will commence at 17.00 GMT and will be streamed live on all online platforms to reach all Gambians.”