By: Salifu Joof

Mr Salifu Joof at a Protest in London

Dear Editor, Please allow me some space to publish this article to share  my thought about Yahya Jammeh with my fellow Gambians.

It has been well documented that Yahya Jammeh is one of the world worst dictator around, however, he is taking it to higher heights when even people who seeks refuge in neighbouring countries are not safe from him. A former Gambian military officer Musa Sarr who is a cousin and a friend to me has just survived an assassination attempt on his life in Dakar, Senegal.

Musa Sarr would have been killed by this criminal death squad who were sent to eliminate him but only luck made him escape. I strongly belief once the main killer who is Yahya Jammeh is removed from power, Gambia would bounce back as one people one nation. He only kills to instill fear in those that live to tell tales of his atrocities.

Since Musa went AWOL to Senegal, Jammeh and his men have planned several times to kill him because Musa is privy to many of Yahya Jammeh’s clandestine activities in the country. However, this is not the first time Jammeh is sending his agents in Senegal to capture or kill Gambian dissidents, the likes of Mahawa Cham and Ndure Cham have all been captured in Senegal.

My message to Gambians who are aiding Jammeh to commit his crimes in the country is simply, no matter how long it takes, Jammeh’s reign will come to an end and whoever participated in his crimes, you will pay a hefty price for it. It is better for them to disown Jammeh as soon as possible before its too late because Jammeh’s days are  numbered. As for Jammeh, you only have to look at the former dictators like Charles Taylor of Liberia, Muamarr Ghadafi of Libya and Husni Mubarak of Egypt, who were much more powerful that you but they have all been removed from power. So Jammeh too will not be spared from the same fate these former brutal dictators have faced.

The forthcoming December presidential election is crucial for everyone in the country to unite and vote Jammeh out, so that the people of the country can take back control of their country and live in peace and harmony as we used to. Without that, our country’s condition will continue to get worst and worst.

By: Salifu Joof