Regional Director of UNESCO, Mrs Ann Therese Ndong Jatta

Mrs Ann Therese Ndon Jatta the former minister of Education in Jammeh’s government and now the Regional Director of UNESCO based in Dakar, Senegal has challenged the people of the Gambia, especially, the religious leaders to act now and salvage the peace in the Gambia before it’s too late.

Read in her own words…

“Where are our men of wisdom, integrity and good judgement who silently watch a whole nation torn apart? Where is justice? Why is the Nation brought to its knees because of fear. What must be done now? If this has gone beyond the people to defend themselves then the rest of humanity must be invited to salvage the nation? Where are the religious leaders? Certainly there is no religion which condones injustice.

Since he told you in his address at Koriteh to be challenged or be informed when things are not right or where he has gone wrong, please act now before it is too late. Do so tomorrow or before the start of next week. Pray in all churches and mosques across the nation and in the diaspora and call upon GOD’s intervention. GOD loves the Gambia.

I am sure Yahya has not been advised right by those who are more au fait with the justice system. Or are they also under the spell of fear! Is his cabinet also under the same spell? The only fear for me is the backlash. Gambians must sincerely call for a dialogue with the authorities and stem the tide of a possible chaos.

This is not the time for opposition parties to rejoice as they could be the next to be brought to their knees in his cherry picking strategy. Fear must not create this state of inaction. Dialogue with the functionaries of State is urgent. Please let us together find peaceful means to salvage the nation so that we do not all go down together.

It could be worse than Rwanda if we take up a response anticipated by the regime. We cannot be any match for military response from within. I invite Religious leaders of the different faith base to come together and agree on a way to advise the President and his cabinet. This is beyond politics. GOD bless Gambia and its people! I feel very troubled at heart for the Peace we once cherished is under threat!”