Manka Sawo , friend to 5 men killed in Birmingham
West Midlands Police have confirmed the death of five men at Hawkeswood Metal recycling plant who were all Gambian nationals in Birmingham. 

Tragedy struck at Hawkeswood Metal recycling plant, on Aston Church Road, at about 8.45am when a huge wall of concrete blocks, weighing about 1.5 tonnes each, collapsed on the men, say police.

One of the friend, Manka Sawo confirmed the nationality of the men and he said they were here from Gambia. Men who died from the accident are Almamo Jammeh, Muhammadou Jagana, Bangally Tunkara, Saibou Bujugi Sillah and Ousmane Diaby. 

Mr Sawo said: “I know all of them. All of them are Gambians but they are Spanish nationals. They are living in Birmingham.

“One of them had a broken leg.

“He phoned one of the family members to tell them. We came here to find out what has happened.”

Meanwhile, police said there was no reason to believe a major fire at the plant earlier this year played a part.

Det Supt Mark Payne said: “It was a huge concrete wall and there is no evidence to suggest it was weakened by that fire.”

Tragedy has no time or place, it can strike at anytime and anywhere, we pray that Allah bless the souls of all the men and wish the injured a speedy recovery.