Mr Ebrima Janko Solo Sandeng, who sacrificed his life for peace and freedom of the Gambia 14th April 2016


Peace and Freedom
In the name of our Motherland,
You sacrificed your life
For Peace and Freedom,
In it people dreamt of change,
A change they never thought is possible;

A possibility that is inevitable,
Solo, you are a national Hero,
A hero who will never die;
In the name of our Motherland,
You stood tall to be counted,
And indeed Ebrima Janko Solo, counted you are;

In nearly a generation,
Our motherland Gambia Is held hostage,
You stood to free our Motherland,
In the name of Peace and Freedom,
In Peace and Freedom
The beloved motherland will soon reign in;

In the name of our Motherland,
We celebrate you for your heroism,
Against all odds you stood tall,
And tall you are,
You sacrificed your life;

For Peace and Freedom,
A Peace and Freedom Our Motherland is staved off,
But because of your sacrifices Ebrima Janko Solo Sandeng,
In Peace and Freedom we shall soon reign in.