The Government of the Gambia led by Dictator Yahya Jammeh have today Monday 9th May 2016 ordered the security forces to use force by any means possible to disperse peaceful supporters who gathered in Banjul to attend the trial of the main opposition leader lawyer Ousainou Darboe and Co. Supporters gathered as usual since the beginning of Dictator Jammeh’s persecution against their Party leadership and members to attend the court hearing. Two protesters are thought to be seriously injured by the security forces who are forcing the supporters to disperse against their will.

Darboe Supporters walking to Banjul from Serekunda

Meanwhile, some of the UDP supporters who were travelling from the provinces to attend and give their moral support, have been stopped and car keys seized at the Jarreng police station, some 25okm from the capital Banjul. However, no explanation was given to them for seizing their freedom of movement within the country.  In the similar fashion, people within the Kombos have also been stopped from entering Banjul in their vehicles, so they have been forced to walk the 12km journey from Serekunda to Banjul to attend the trials. As can be seen from the photos, people are determined to go to Banjul by any means possible to cheer their innocent leaders and party members.

In another development, Dictator Jammeh has drafted his notorious secret spies the National Interlecgent Agency (NIA) to infiltrate the UDP supporters. However, some agents have been caught and their identities revealed and one of the agents who was caught is Anthony Gomez, who was in the army before joining the NIA. When he was caught, he claimed to be a UDP supporter, but he was lying as his NIA identity card was found on him. The The man in the blue polo shirt is the NIA agent Anthony Gomez, who was busted spying on the UDP supporters today 9th May 2016 and the video below is his confession.

Meanwhile, the youths and women are determined to bring an end to Jammeh’s fear and intimidation tactics by ignoring all the security forces orders, which Jammeh has used against Gambians since his illegal seizure of our country in 1994.