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Today marks 16 years since 16 students were deliberately massacred in The Gambia by Dictator Yahya Jammeh. 10-11 April 2000

16 years day today, REGINALD CAROL was murdered for standing for the Truth;

16 years day today, KARAMO BARROW was murdered for standing for Justice;

16 years day today, LAMIN A. BOJANG was murdered for standing for Peace;

16 years day today, OMAR SABALLY was murdered for standing against Impunity;

16 years day today, SAINEY NYABALLY was murdered for standing against Terror;

16 years day today, OUSMAN SEMBENE was murdered for standing against Authoritarianism;

16 years day today, BAKARY NJIE was murdered for standing against Rape;

16 years day today, CLAESCO PIERRA was murdered for standing against Torture;

16 years day today, MOMODOU LAMIN NJIE was murdered for standing against Injustice;

16 years day today, WUYEA FODAY MANSAREH was murdered for standing against Criminality;

16 years day today, BAMBA JOBARTEH was murdered for standing against Lie;

16 years day today, MOMODOU LAMIN CHUNE was murdered for standing against Persecution;

16 years day today, ABDOULIE SANYANG was murdered for standing against Oppression;

16 years day today, BURAMA BADJIE was murdered for standing for Freedom;

16 years day today, OMAR BARROW was murdered for standing to Volunteer and Inform;

That day today, Hundreds more were tortured, Maimed, Jailed and Exiled for standing upright and fighting for truth and demanding justice for their comrades Ebrima Barry and Binta who were murdered and raped respectively by Gambia security forces.

However, your lives have not been lost for nothing, you will be on the right side of history for the rest of time. We, the survivors will continue to be Patient and persevere in our quest for truth and justice and only time is between us and that. While you lay waiting, REST IN PEACE!