The maimed Victims of April 10/11

It is evidence that all the dictators that have ever existed used one common tactic to survive, “INTIMIDATION” and Dictator Yahya Jammeh uses similar tactics to prey on his opponents. Just as he did to Pa Nderry Mbai’ by parading his parents on national TV to denounce him, by falsely imprison Bai Low’s son and forcing Fatou Camara into exile, he hatched similar plans against the editor of Gambia Voices by wasting state resources in following and enquiring about him and using friends and family of the editor of Gambia Voices to extract information about him. By wasting state resources in trying to silence people might have worked previously, however, that tactic has been obsolete ever since the Arab spring.

I should stress that, no amount of intimidation will make us abandon our quest for justice for the victims of April 10/11 in particular and Gambians in general. If anything, Dictator Jammeh should cooperate with us and repeal the indemnity bill and allow the perpetrators of April 10/11 student massacre to be brought to justice. Because, just to reference a recent case of the former Chadian President Hissene Habre, who is being tried for his alleged crimes he committed while in power three decades ago, Jammeh will also have his turn in court no matter how long it may take. And before it gets too late, Jammeh better do something for himself as well as the country and allow justice to prevail so that the families and friends of those affected can move on with their lives.

On that note, we would like you to know that, the soon you bring the killers to justice the better for you, but by intimidating you are only wasting your time.