Breaking News:
SLPP members in the USA Brutalized innocent Man.

Disguised Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Protesters in the Washington DC metropolitan area brutally attacked  an innocent man with the aim of intimidating  and silencing their rival protesters.

According to our reporter, a mob of anti peace agents  who came out in the guise of protesting for the reinstatement of sacked Vice President of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana went on the rampage to attack those who have an opposing view to their stance.
People who witnessed the scenees of the protest confirmed to  our reporter that, the SLPP supporters suddenly surged from their own protest  area in Lafayette Park and moved towards the area of their rival protesters – Sierra Leoneans for peace activists. It was during this time that the SLPP trouble makers assaulted and injured a Peace activist protester Abdul Kallon. Eye witnesses believed that the action to attack this innocent young man was well planned and orchestrated by the anti peace activist.
Sadly, a local  news channel in  the Washington metropolitan area reported on both the anti peace rally and that of the Sierra Leoneans for peace, counter rally at the White House today.  One of the reporters also made mention of an incident of  violence directed at Sierra Leoneans for peace activist Abdul Kallon. WashingtonnDC Police arrested/cited one David Kalokoh for violent conduct  after he allegedly shoved a sierra Leonean for peace activist”

I spoke to Abdul , as he drove to the hospital for x-rays and treatment for the injuries sustained at the rally, and asked him if he knew why he was attacked. Mr. Kallon  narrated that, he was with a group of about 200 peace activists across the street from the anti peace/SLPP-organized  rally. A SLPP man with a bullhorn, David  Kalokoh, 48, was yelling across the street at the peace activists, calling them names like; dictators, killers and rouges.

Despite the negative name calling,  one of the peace activists replied “We love our nation!”

This enraged David, who, according to Abdul, rushed at him chanting “EBK must go ! He violently shoved Abdul twice, the second time apparently striking Kallon in the throat. Fortunately, Mr. Kallon was rescued by his colleagues who later called the police.

Unfortunately for the SLPP protesters, their action has been seen by many to be a violent group who enjoys chaos. But, the intervention of the DC Police to keep the peace and make an arrest of David got some of their supporters excusing themselves from the rally with  a heavy disappointment.