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Yahya Jammeh does remind me of an artist who always forget his lines in a play. He said he wants to forgive everybody because Allah said if you forgive people He Allah will forgive you which is true, but the trouble with Jammeh is he needs to seek Gambians to forgive him because he is the cause of all the problems in that country. Also, before you forgive those that are outside the country, why don’t you pardon those that are within the country and are locked up in those over crowded prisons infested with malaria and all sorts of diseases and from there people will take you seriously. Jammeh executed 9 prisoners, including mentally impaired prisoner in 2013 and up to date the families are yet to be given the corpses back for proper burials, Jammeh killed 14 students, including a Red Cross volunteer in April 10th-11, 2000 and yet no one is prosecuted for those hideous crimes but he complained that people insulted his mum.

What a heartless leader Jammeh is, please give people a break and seek Gambians to forgive you and set up a panel of reconciliation as Gambia marks a very important milestone in her life. Jammeh please be serious with Gambians if you want people to be serious with you and your government.

A. Ceesay