We salute our heroes for their bravery!

I for once never thought there are brave people and heroes among us except in the early hours of Tuesday 30th December 2014, when I woke up to the joyous but short leave news of attempted change of government in my beloved Gambia. I was happy to a point I nearly packed my bags to return back home but when I learned of the news that it has failed, they had to call the paramedics for me because of the shocked and disappointment that had griped me. Hey it’s true words would not bring back those who lost their lives but it is fitting to say they have not lost their lives in vain. Every Gambia is proud of you guys as you did the ultimate sacrifice to liberate our country from those thugs and criminals who call themselves government.
I have always believed that Gambians are cowards but these events have changed my believe, but Gambians who traded their fellow citizens just because of their selfish interest would and shall live to regret it till their time comes.
Our heroes, let you sleep in peace till we meet again;
Our heroes, let you know our thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your families;
Our heroes let you be rest assured that the struggle will continue from where you left off;
Our heroes, let you know whenever we completed the job you shall be justly honoured and fittingly remembered by every Gambian.
Long live The Gambia, long live the people of The Gambia!”

A. Ceesay


One thought on “We salute our heroes for their bravery!

  1. Your lives are worth every breath of every Gambian as you attempted to rescue our country from that Mad cow called Yahya Jammeh. Lets keep the pressure for our country to be free once more.



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