Hypocrisy at work, Jammeh was asked about youth unemployment guess his response: He is labelled the great people of the Gambia as lazy and the blamed the West for youth unemployment in the Gambia, I bet Jammeh does not have a clue what his responsibilities are except to sit in big chairs and blame the West and Gambians youths for his failures to help create policies that will attract private investors to the country, which create jobs and wealth. Jammeh wants every living being in that country to be a beggar, a farmer to farm for him at his so called farms, a fisherman to fish for his animals at his zoo. A leader who is interested in the betterment of his people will endeavour to create as much middle class as possible but the opposite is true in Jammeh’s case as he embarked on seizing peoples’ communal and farmlands and properties without any due cause.

Jammeh was asked again about freedom of speech, press freedom and freedom of sexual orientation and his response was another cynical, hypocritical and undiplomatic fashion to dodge his responsibilities. He claimed to be a true practicing Muslim yet still he is the one that arrange and organise ‘Futampaff’, men and women wrestling in the arena.   He claimed to be a true and practicing Muslim as well as upholding the laws of Allah but he is the one that ordered the disappearance and extra judicial killings of so many people including 14 innocent school children and a Red Cross volunteer in April 2000, the murder of Dayda Hydara, the murder of Osman Koro Ceesay the list goes on and on. However, who is more hypocritical than Jammeh, because the Islam he is calming to defend has categorically stated in no ambiguous terms that if you kill an innocent life is like you have killed the whole of humanity, can someone tell me what is more contradictory and sinful than that?

Jammeh claimed that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) never burn down one church, never kill the Jews, has forgiven those who repented and he only fought against those who fight against him (prophet), but hey remember he cowardly ordered his arsonist to burned down the Independent newspaper, a business that so many livelihoods were dependent on it and he has sent his assassins to kill lawyer Osman Silla, he unlawfully executed 9 people without feeling any sorrow, no heart to forgive or remorse but he has the guts to sit and open his stinking mouth to preach Islam.   Has those people fought against him, the answer is NO.

Finally, the most scaring and baffling of all Jammeh’s utterances in this interview was to blamed the West of the spread of Ebola virus in West Africa, how can a so called head of state who claimed to be both a doctor and professor at the same time, be so narrow minded to a point of blaming people for the spread of this deadly disease. I’m scared to death when I heard him say what he said because what made it scaring is, God forbid if Ebola is to go to Gambia then we are as good as doom, simply because the man has no clue what so ever to help the masses. The only thing he is good at is to portray himself as perfectionist so whatever goes wrong is not him but others. Anyway my brothers and sister, TIME SHALL TELL!!!

Remember only one power is infinitive and that is the almighty’s power!

Note: Before I finish, I’ll like to state that in this analysis I did not refer to Jammeh as president because I do not think he is the legitimate and worthy president of The Gambia that is why I refer to him as Jammeh.