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History Beckons as Hon. Adama Barrow of the UDP was Declared the Standard Bearer of Opposition Coalition in the Gambia for December Presidential poll

untitled-image-4It has been long and sometimes worrying whether Gambians will see the need to unite and change the status quo in the country. However, after a summer of talks and consultations between the various opposition parties, a long awaited convention was held at Kairaba Beach Hotel in Senegambia on Sunday 30th October 2016 to elect the standard bearer of the opposition coalition candidate for the December presidential election in the Gambia.

There were four formidable candidates who contested in opposition coalition leadership, Hon. Hamat NK Bah, leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP); Dr Lamin Bojang of the National Convention Party (NCP); Hon. Halifa Sallah of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) and Adama Barrow of the United Democratic Party (UDP).

After counting the votes, Adama Barrow of the UDP was duly declared winner of the primaries and therefore elected as the standard bearer of the opposition coalition flag. The process of electing the standard bearer  was widely hailed as a great success in Gambian politics. Out of 490 delegates registered to vote, 487 voted whilst 2 delegates abstained or were absent. However 2 votes were declared invalid.

Votes per candidate

Hon. Adama Barrow of UDP had 308 votes representing 63.0% of the total votes cast;

Hon. Hamat Bah of NRP had 72 votes which represents 14.7% of the total votes cast;

Hon. Halifa Sallah of PDOIS had 65 votes representing 13.3% of the total votes cast; and

Dr Lamin Bojang of NCP had 40 representing 9.0% of the total votes cast.

After declaring the winner, the convention chairperson Madam Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang thank all the stakeholders in taking their time and resources to make this process happen. She urged everyone to join the coalition and get rid of Gambia’s cancer Yahya Jammeh come December 1st.

In his acceptance speech, Hon. Adama Barrow reaffirmed his commitment to the coalition and pledged honour the coalition’s agreement. He went on to say he will do everything possible to salvage the Gambia from the destruction of the past 22 years.

Furthermore, Mr Barrow thanks all the delegates and party leaders for the confidence conferred on him. However, he singled of Hon Halifa Sallah for his selfless efforts to make this coalition a dream come true and he also thanks Madam Tambajang for her tireless efforts to see the end of dictatorship in the Gambia.

Dr Isatou Touray’s absence from the convention

Meanwhile, the disappointing part of the evening was the absence of Dr Isatou Touray, the Independent presidential candidate from the convention. After rumours of her absence made it to the social media, Dr Touray’s campaign immediately issued a reassuring statement on their Facebook page.

The campaign reaffirm Dr Touray’s commitment to the coalition and assured everyone that she will stand in solidarity with the opposition to ensure that come December 1st, Gambia will once again regains its democratic credentials and regains her respect in the international community.

She appealed for every citizen of the Gambia to be reassured and promised to carry out a press conference to explain her position later today 31st October at her campaign’s HQ at Brusubi.




Gambia: Yahya Jammeh Passing the Buck, While The “Back Way” Syndrome, is an Existential Danger to the Future of the Gambia and its Youths

The mass exodus of African youths from the continent to Europe through the Mediterrean is one of the great tragedies since the days of colonialism. People in overcrowded small boats, risking people smugglers, kidnapping, deserts, sea crossings and the possibility of being sent home, all for the dream of a better life. However, some simply migrate to make ends meet.

Alarming Statistics

According to International Organisation for Migration (OIM), more than 3,770 migrants were reported to have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2015. Meanwhile, this year has become the deadliest for migrants crossing the Mediterranean bound for Europe, the UN refugee agency said Wednesday, with those seeking to make the journey from Libya at greatest risk. Continue reading

Gambia: Wait is Over as Dr Isatou Touray’s Campaign First Grand Rally is Scheduled for Saturday 8th Oct. in Brikama

The long awaited rally by Dr Isatou Touray, the first female presidential candidate in the Gambia has been scheduled for Saturday 8th October 2016. The meeting will be held in Brikama, Kombo Central at the Canon SSP Lia beginning at 15.30 GMT.
Since launching her candidature on September 2nd, Madam Touray and her campaign team have been working tirelessly to deliver the wishes of most Gambians of forming a united opposition front to combat Dictator Jammeh in December polls. Dr Touray’s campaign team’s efforts have been to unite the opposition parties to appoint a standard-bearer for the opposition. To continue that that work, the campaign is extending an invitation to all political party leaders and their supporters to the rally.

As highlighted in her manifesto, Dr, Touray is deeply aggrieved and remorseful that the innocence, national cohesion and beauty of the Gambia once trumpeted the Smiling Coast of Africa have been severely soiled by the undemocratic regime of Yaya Jammeh. Under Jammeh’s 22 years of misrule, Gambians have witnessed disgraceful attitudes and unspeakable violent unleashed on them by Jammeh without any regards to the constitution or the international laws.

Consequently, the regime has pushed the Gambia to the brink of a violent crisis which will have unimaginable consequences for our dear people. The gravity of our predicament requires a deep sense of urgency to salvage ourselves and the nation. It is with this sense of urgency and patriotism founded on responsibility and leadership that Dr. Isatou Touray emerged; And with the collective support and cooperation of the entire opposition camp and all citizens to forge a formidable force for national salvation.

The Campaign calls on every Gambian of all walks of life to endeavour to attend the Grand Rally so as to send a clear and direct message to Yaya Jammeh that enough is enough. Isatou Touray calls on all Gambians to stand up with boldness and pride in their nation to reclaim our long lost dignity and rights and repair the wounds that Yaya Jammeh and his regime has inflicted on countless individuals, families, communities and the entire nation.

The Grand Rally is also to send a loud message to all opposition parties and leaders that indeed the people desire nothing other than the total unity of the opposition in order to salvage this Great Nation of ours.

The Grand Rally is an open forum for direct engagement with Gambians in which Dr. Touray will deliver to Gambians her vision and mission for free and unfettered discussion.

The Grand Rally will make a call to action for all citizens to actively participate in this noble struggle for the freedom and development of the Gambia.

The Grand Rally will therefore open the national campaign which will reach out to each and every town and village in the Gambia. This is our defining moment to unite and take back our country from dictatorship.

Grand Rally. Saturday 8 October 2016. Canon SSP Lia, Birkama Town. 3.30pm Sharp.

Click to know more about Dr Isatou Touray’s campaign.

Vote for Dr. Isatou Touray for President of the Republic of the Gambia.

Contacts: Tel: +220 7272344 or +220 3344487

US Gov’t Hypocrical and Comtemtous plan to Deport Nearly 2000 Alleged Gambians

The well publicised letter signed by the US lawmakers last Friday to halt the issuance of visas to some Gambian government officials and their immediate families based on Gambia government refusal to accept  nearly 2000 Gambian deportees was both hypocritical and contemptuous to human race. It is no secret to anyone in this world, especially in America that the Gambian president Yahya Jammeh is one of the worst dictators the world has ever seen, who killed, tortured and jailed Gambians as well as American citizens alike in The Gambia. However, with all the hard and soft powers available to the US, the Obama administration has turned a blind eye to Jammeh’s atrocities.

U.S. strips visas from Gambian govt.; punishment for stopping DHS deportations

The Obama administration seems to only care because Donald Trump’s bigotry is hurting Hillary Clinton’s chances to become Obama’s successor in the White House. So when Alagie Ceesay and Ebou Jobe two US-Gambian citizens have been declared missing some three years ago in The Gambia, most of the high profile Human Rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned and campaigned for the unconditional release of the men. But the Obama administration has never gone beyond the usual rhetorics of condemnation.

Two Americans Disappear in West African Dictatorship

Before then, two other US-Gambian citizens, Dr Amadou Sanneh and Tamsir Jasseh were falsely charged and jailed for life in the Gambia, however, it has to take Rev. Jesse Jackson to intervened and plead to Gambian authorities to release them, while the US government remained silent. Earlier this year, another US-Gambian woman Fanta Darboe-Jawara together with the entire United Democratic Party (UDP) executive and some members were falsely charged and jailed for three years. This is not to mention the tortures, killings, disappearance and false imprisonment of thousands of Gambians in the Gambia. Yet the Obama administration remained silent.

Meanwhile, some of the two-thousand alleged Gambian deportees in the US are the breadwinners of their families and some are political refugees whom, if returned to Gambia, their human rights are going to be violated. Again, the Obama administration cares less about that.

Now for the US government to shout and lecture the world about democracy, human rights and the rule of law, especially in Africa, is hypocrisy to the highest level. Since they only take action when it suits them. So let nobody rejoice the US government action as it’s only in the interest of the Obama administration and partly in Jammeh’s interest to force the Gambia government to cooperate and deport these alleged Gambians to the mercy of the world worst dictator, Yahya Jammeh.