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Gambia: Open Letter to Dr Zakir Naik: Yahya Jammeh is a Criminal Hiding Behind Islam, Don’t be fool Dr Naik


President and Founder of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Dr Zakir Naik

It is my pleasure and honour to write to you Dr Zakir Naik as a Muslim brother and of course an Islamic scholar who teaches and inspires millions of Muslims and non-Muslims alike all around the world. I’m a Gambian who¬†watch and listen to your various lectures many times. I have privately written to you through email and a posted letter, but I received no reply or response from you or any of your representative. I even called your¬†headquarters in India and have been promised a reply but to no avail. As a result, I decided to write an open letter to you.

Last year (2015) I learned with joy that you are to visit the Gambia and give a series of your invaluable lectures to my fellow Gambians. However, at the time I did not know who and how you were being invited to the Gambia, but when I learned that it was president Yahya Jammeh who invited you, I had mixed feelings. Continue reading