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With the Imminent Unveiling of Dr Isatou Touray as Presidential Candidate, a Dawn has broke in Gambian Politics


Dr Isatou Touray

Another dawn broke in not only Gambian politics, but the society in general with the imminent unveiling of Dr Isatou Touray as an independent Presidential candidate in the forthcoming December presidential election in the Gambia. Dr Touray is the first female in the history of the Gambia to become a presidential candidate in the country. This is something to celebrate in one of the most conservative society when it comes to female matters.

Dr Isatou Touray is the co-founder and the Executive Director of Gambia Committee against Traditional Practices (GAMCOTRAP), and a Women’s Rights Activist working on the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation in Africa and the Diaspora. She coordinates the Women and Law Project of the Network of Women living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) in the Gambia.  Dr Touray has always engaged in networking and building alliances and coalitions to end violence against women and calling for Equality and Justice in the Family.

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Yahya Jammeh’s Crimes have no boundary as he attacked his opponents in Dakar, Senegal

By: Salifu Joof


Mr Salifu Joof at a Protest in London

Dear Editor, Please allow me some space to publish this article to share  my thought about Yahya Jammeh with my fellow Gambians.

It has been well documented that Yahya Jammeh is one of the world worst dictator around, however, he is taking it to higher heights when even people who seeks refuge in neighbouring countries are not safe from him. A former Gambian military officer Musa Sarr who is a cousin and a friend to me has just survived an assassination attempt on his life in Dakar, Senegal. Continue reading

Gambia: Coalition or no Coalition; Election or no Election Come December 1st

December 1st is scheduled to be the 5th presidential elections in the Second Republic of the Gambia, since Yahya Jammeh seized power through a military coup in 1994. Unlike many other past elections, in this year’s election the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Lawyer Ousainou Darboe will not feature as he has been unlawfully jailed for 3 years in prison.

However, an interesting scenario has just developed with the advent of Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) led by Hon Mama Kandeh. Since its public launch, the GDC has attracted a large number of followers, albeit some scepticism about the party and its leadership. However, I believe we need to give the benefit of a doubt and see how GDC will fare in the over saturated political arena in the country.

The reasons for the continual harassment of the UDP by Jammeh and his supporters are because of the party’s appeal and popularity among ordinary voters in The Gambia. And that’s the exact reason the advent of GDC is interesting. The large crowds the GDC commands is a food for thought for Jammeh and due to Jammeh allergy to other people or party’s popularity, the GDC will become the new focus for Jammeh and APRC hence the recent arrest of Tina Fall of one of the prominent members of GDC. Continue reading

Gambia: Open Letter to Dr Zakir Naik: Yahya Jammeh is a Criminal Hiding Behind Islam, Don’t be fool Dr Naik


President and Founder of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Dr Zakir Naik

It is my pleasure and honour to write to you Dr Zakir Naik as a Muslim brother and of course an Islamic scholar who teaches and inspires millions of Muslims and non-Muslims alike all around the world. I’m a Gambian who watch and listen to your various lectures many times. I have privately written to you through email and a posted letter, but I received no reply or response from you or any of your representative. I even called your headquarters in India and have been promised a reply but to no avail. As a result, I decided to write an open letter to you.

Last year (2015) I learned with joy that you are to visit the Gambia and give a series of your invaluable lectures to my fellow Gambians. However, at the time I did not know who and how you were being invited to the Gambia, but when I learned that it was president Yahya Jammeh who invited you, I had mixed feelings. Continue reading