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Gambia: D-Day in Lawyer Darboe and 19 others Case in Gambia


Lawyer Darboe and UDP Executives

After three months in going back and forth in the courts and took two different foreign mercenary judges, today, Wednesday 20th July is judgement day in the case involving the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and 19 other defendants in the Gambia according to sources. The deliberation of judgement is scheduled to begin at 4pm GMT.

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that the charges were brought against Mr Darboe and Co after Mr Solo Sanding, the former Youth leader of UDP and a group of youths staged a rare protest in mid-April 2016 in the Gambia to demand electoral reforms which led to the arrest of the protestors and the subsequent death in police custody of Solo Sandeng. As a result, the UDP party executives led by Lawyer Ousainou Darboe also took to the streets to demand the release of Solo and Co “Dead or Alive” and they too got arrested on the 16th April 2016 and later charged. Continue reading


#UKGambia Mass Protest Against Yahya Jammeh’s Tyranny is Scheduled for Friday in London

The tyranny and dictatorship in the Gambia have gotten to a point that requires the efforts of all and sundry. Since when Yahya Jammeh overthrows the democratically elected government led by Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara on the 22nd July 1994, the Gambia has never been the same again.

People have been burnt alive, tortured to death, raped, imprisoned, journalists murdered, women are made widows, children are made fatherless, families, communities and tribes have been permanently divided and damaged, the list is endless.

However, what is certain is that, unless we as Gambians find the urge to stand and liberate our country from Yahya Jammeh’s 22 years of moral, social and economic decadence, sadly the once beautiful and smiley country will eventually be wrecked to pieces in our very eyes. Continue reading

Gambia: Darboe and Co case delayed and later adjourned until 19th July for continuation 

The trial of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and 19 others has reached its climax in court Tuesday 12th July when all the defendants were served with the prosecution briefing papers. However, the defendants all declined to comment on the papers presented by the prosecution. Darboe and Co instead told the judge to “do what you see fit, since we don’t acknowledge any of the court proceedings.” 

The case has entered the final stages and the judge, Justice Dada was expected to pass judgment today but she came to court an hour late and after about an hour in court she adjourned the case again till 19th July for continuation. 

Meanwhile, earlier in court there was some tension between the UDP supporters and the police. Tension came when the police wanted to refuse people from entering the court room and the police wanting to use their usual tactics of force.  However, the matter was amicably resolved and people were allowed to enter the court room without any further troubles in that front.  

The UDP youth leader was briefly arrested amidst the tension, but later released after the intervention of his fellow youths present at the scene. People are advised not to create any trouble but to maintain calm and peace as Gambia belongs to Gambians and not one particular individual. 

Courtesy: UDP, Coordinator and Liaison officer, UK 

Update Nechells Accident: Appeal for Information on Ousmane Diaby’s Family in Senegal 

The Nechells recycling plant tragedy in Birmingham, UK, has taken five precious lives, however, hundreds of lives have been affected by the tragic accident. Earlier Gambia Voices spoke to one of the friend to the victims, Masamba Drammeh who expressed sorrow and sadness.

A Mr Masamba Drammeh, a friend and co-worker tto the Victims

Mr Drammeh said: “I am devastated beyond believe, nothing can express how I feel right now.” According to Mr Drammeh, he is registered in the same employment Agency with the victims but he was not given work yesterday  [Thursday] and that was why, he was not at the scene during the tragic accident.

“We work in the same Agency, but they [the Agency] did not text me to work yesterday [Thursday] so I didn’t go to work. I knew all the victims as they are my friends and co-workers,” Mr Drammeh lamented.

Mr Drammeh also appealed for information on one of the deceased Ousmane Diaby who is a Senegalese national from the southern Sénégal of Tambacounda, Cassamance. 

“It’s Alimamo Jammeh who knew Ousmane Diaby, and both of them are killed in the accident. So for now we know nobody who knows Mr Diaby’s family. We’re appealing if anyone knows Ousmane Diaby or a friend to get in touch so that we can inform the family in Cassamance” Mr Masamba Drammeh said.   

Anyone who has information about Mr Diaby’s family can contact the Editor of Gambia Voices at or call +447520608396 

Profile of the victims:

Mr Alimamo Jammeh was from Badibu No-Kunda, North Bank Region, Gambia,  who migrated to Spain and held a Spanish citizenship.

Mr Saibo Babuyagui Sillah was a native of  Garawol, Basse, Upper River Region. Mr sillah also held a Spanish citizenship. 

Mr Bangaly Dukureh was from Gambisara, Upper River Region, in Gambia. He also held a Spanish citizenship. 

Mr Mohammad Jagana was from Demba Kunda-Kuto, Upper River Region, Gambia. Mr Jagana also held a Spanish citizenship. 

Mr Ousmane Diaby is from is a Senegalese national from a village next to Tambacounda. Mr Sillah also held a Spanish citizenship, he was a close friend to one of the victims Alimamo Jammeh.