Archive | 28/07/2016

Gambia: Where is Solo Sandeng’s Body? After Gov’t Admiting Killing Him


Mr Solo Ebrima Sandeng at Westfield protesting in Gambia before his killing

A precedent has been set in the case of Solo Sandeng at the high court in Banjul on Thursday, 28 July 2016 after the judge had confirmed that Solo was killed by Gambia’s notorious National Intellegent Agency (NIA) agents. The Judge presiding over the case for the government to provide the whereabouts of Ebrima Solo Sandeng produced a death certificate and an affidavit from Sir Jeng (NIA agent) which stated that, the State cannot produce Solo Sandeng alive. Effectively meaning, Solo is dead.

This is only the second time after the killings of 14 students in April 2000 in Yahya Jammeh’s 22 years of mass arrest, torture and killings that his government had admitted to killing someone, which in itself is a victory to all those who sacrifice everything to see that Solo is produce dead or alive. Continue reading