Update on Nogoi Njie and Co: They have been moved to Janjanbureh Prison in CRR and Attending Court in MansaKonko in LRR


Nogoi Njie, UDP member and prisoner of conscience

Update on April 14 arrestees: It was reported on Tuesday, June 14th that Nogoi Njie and Co were being moved from Mile II central prison to an unknown location. However, it has been confirmed from the past hour that, they have been moved to Janjabureh prison, some 235 km from Banjul. The detainees have been transferred to Janjanbureh prison because Jammeh and his masquerading judiciary has moved their court proceedings from Banjul to MansaKonko.

Mansakonko court which does not have the mandate or the jurisdiction to preside over the case. Meanwhile, Nogoi Njie and Co are without their lawyers but dictator Jammeh is still adamant for the court to proceed with such illegal court case. 
The April 14 protesters where taken to court in Mansakonko today without their lawyers, as the lawyers vowed not to attend Jammeh’s Kangaroo court which lacks the legal jurisdiction to preside over the case.

Yahya Jammeh is determined to legitimise his tyranny against innocent Gambians who are being persecuted for their political indifference with the dictatorship in the Gambia. The lawyers and the defendants have all stood their ground to delegitimise Jammeh’s false pretense of hiding behind the law to persecute his opponents. 
The UDP and ordinary Gambian in province have alerted go to Mansakonko and show solidarity to their fellow citizens. According Suntu Touray, the UDP chairperson in the UK, people have begun traveling to Mansakonko witness the proceedings.

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