Archive | 14/06/2016

Breaking News: UDP Confirmed the Removal of Nogoi Njie and Co from Remand in Mile II to an Unknown Location


Mrs Nogoi Njie, UDP party member

The leadership of United Democratic Party (UDP) have learn with concern about the removal of their party members who are currently incarcerated in Mile II Central Prison to an Unknown location in the Gambia. The prisoners Nogoi Njie, Fatoumata Jawara, Modou Ngum and Co who are being moved were arrested together with Solo Sandeng on the 14th April amidst a  peaceful protest demanding electoral reforms in the country.
However, some sources claimed that, they are moving them to Mansa Konko for their trial, in which case the court in Mansa Konko lacks the jurisdiction to try them.
Meanwhile, readers would recalled that in 2006, a similar tactics was used by dictator Jammeh before they killed Daba Marenah the then Director of National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and four other prisoners while government lied to the public that they escaped while being transported to Janjanbureh prisons. Every Gambian is therefore urged to be vigilant and ensure the safety of these freedom fighters.
Below is the press release from the UDP:

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