Archive | 11/06/2016

UN Adviser Adama Dieng Warned Yahya Jammeh about His “Public Stigmatisation, Dehumanisation and Threats against the Mandinkas.”


UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide Mr Adama Dieng

The primary purpose of setting of all these international bodies like the UN, ICC, UNICEF etc are to help protect and prevent human rights abuses and take to task those who committed them. Notwithstanding, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Fatou Bensouda, in an interview last week refused to denounced Yahya Jammeh’s message of hate and division in the Gambia. However, a more responsible and caring personnel, United Nations Special Advisor of the Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide Mr Adama Dieng has condemned the inflammatory speech by the President of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia at a political rally this past week, in which he reportedly threatened to eliminate the Mandinka ethnic group.

In a note to correspondents, Adama Dieng, the UN Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide, said that on 3 June in Tallinding, President Jammeh allegedly referred to the Mandinka as “enemies, foreigners” and threatened to kill them one by one and place them “where even a fly cannot see them.” Continue reading