Archive | 09/05/2016

Breaking News: Gambian Security Forces Using Firearms On Defenseless Citizens, UDP Press Release states

A Prostester Seriouly Injured by Gambia Security Forces

The executive committee of United Democratic Party (UDP) he hereby released the following statement in reaction to the heavy handedness of Gambia Security forces against the Party supporters:

The United Democratic Party is deeply concerned about the overzealous response of Gambia’s security forces to court goers who have peacefully converged at the High Court in Banjul to demand the unconditional release of UDP leader and his co accused.
The crowds were then assaulted by members of the security forces including the discharge of firearms causing numerous injuries. The UDP is assessing the situation to determine whether there are any fatalities.  Continue reading


Breaking News: Jammeh Ordered Gambia Security Forces to Disperse UDP Supporters by Any Mean Possible

The Government of the Gambia led by Dictator Yahya Jammeh have today Monday 9th May 2016 ordered the security forces to use force by any means possible to disperse peaceful supporters who gathered in Banjul to attend the trial of the main opposition leader lawyer Ousainou Darboe and Co. Supporters gathered as usual since the beginning of Dictator Jammeh’s persecution against their Party leadership and members to attend the court hearing. Two protesters are thought to be seriously injured by the security forces who are forcing the supporters to disperse against their will. Continue reading