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Dictators will never entertain presidential term limits: Togo and Gambia are no surprise to that effect

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The Gambian and Togolese governments’ opposition to the ECOWAS presidential term limit proposal is no surprise to most people who are familiar with the political conditions of the two countries. The current president of Togo Faure Gnassingbe became president after the death of his father in 2005. However, his father Eyadema Gnassingbe came to power in 1967 through a military coup and became the longest-serving African dictator after having been president for 38 years until his death in 2005. Meanwhile, Dictator Jammeh came to power through a military coup in 1994 and since then he has and continued to rule The Gambia with an iron fist. Two weeks ago, Dictator Jammeh said he will continue to rule the Gambia for 20 million 16 and will decide who is to succeed him if he decide to leave power. It’s a well-known fact that Dictator Jammeh is grooming his son Muhammed Jammeh to succeed him.

It’s pretty obvious that these two leadership shares a common ground and will not allow or entertain any proposal by ECOWAS that will end their grip on power. They both came to power through a military coup and they both used and hide under the pretext of election to legitimise their brutality. People need to stand up to them and reclaim their respective countries from them, else they will continue to rule and dictate the affairs of their countries for as long as it takes. Had it not been the fact that Dictator Yahya Jammeh used election to legitimise his rule, he would have band elections in The Gambia by now. But because it legitimise his rule, he will continue to hold elections, but only one winner will continue to emerge, which is Jammeh himself. That is why Gambians need to say enough is enough for Jammeh’s dictatorship in The Gambia.


Jammeh’s offer to resettle the Royingyas equates to hypocrisy and devil characteristics

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The Gambia government on Monday 18th May has offered to resettle the Royingya people of Myanmar to The Gambia. According to the press release  “The Government of The Gambia notes with great concern the inhumane condition of the Royingya people of Myanmar, especially those referred to as boat people currently drifting in the seas off the coast of Malaysia and Indonesia. As human beings, more so fellow Muslims, it is a sacred duty to help alleviate the untold hardship and sufferings these fellow human beings are confronted with. Therefore, The Gambia being a country with a predominantly Muslim population and with a natural culture of interfaith tolerance hereby expresses willingness to accept and resettle all boat people who wish to reside in The Gambia”.

However, Yahya Jammeh offering to shelter the Rohingya people is the proper characteristic of a hypocrite from human and Islamic points of view. From Janaury to May 2015 there are over 2000 Gambians who fled the Gambia for fear of persecution, torture, murder, jail and of course economic degradation. Some of those people do end up dead, jailed or tortured on their journeys and the Gambia government is doing nothing to stop that but only to offer to resettle other people. The Islam Jammeh is citing to justify his offered has said, charity starts at home, Jammeh needs to stop persecuting his own people first, then and there he can offer to resettle persecuted people and he will be taken seriously. You can’t have that number of people emigrating their country without a problem, since Jammeh had unlawfully come to power in 1994 up to date Gambians are constantly being killed, tortured, widowed, jailed, maimed, exiled and suppressed with impunity and yet still he Jammeh has the guts to offer resettlement for Royingyas on the basis of Islam and persecution. Although everyone knows Jammeh is an attention seeker, but for him to use other people’s desperation to earn international attention is so mean of him and is also showing the true characters of the dictatorship the people of the Gambia are going through.

According to the United Nations there are about 800,000 Rohingya in Myanmar that are considered to be among the most persecuted people in the world. However, this is also what is taking place in the Gambia on daily basis, since January this year a 14 Year old boy Yusupha Low was kidnapped and detained by Jammeh for alleged crimes of his father Bai Low and up to date the boy is nowhere to be seen. In April 2000, 16 students were murdered and 100s more maimed both physically and psychologically by Yahya Jammeh and still no justice for those victims. The former NIA director Daba Marenah and his co-accused were savagely murdered and still no justice, Imam Baba Leigh was tortured by Yahya Jammeh and later exiled just as Imam Bakawsu Fofana was and yet still no justice but Jammeh has the guts to make himself look like a saint in front of the world.

This is how Islam has defined a hypocrite, a person who does bad to his people and make himself appear as an angel to other people. Last week Jammeh went on to trade insults to the biggest tribe in The Gambia, the Mandinkas and Islam has forbidden tribal hatred, but yet still he thinks he has the mandate to use Islam as his basis for resettling the Rohingyas. What a joke Jammeh is. Jammeh you are no angel, but an opposite of an angel a DEVIL you are.

Piggy Liar Dictator Jammeh reconfirms his biggest fear again: The Mandinkas

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Dictator Yahya Jammeh said he prefers five Wollofs to work for him than one Mandinka and also prefers four Fulas to work for him than one Mandinka during his hate tour of the country. This is not the first time dictator Jammeh has been spreading and manifesting his hate against Mandinkas, but because he is scared of them and the Mandinkas are level-headed and they intend well for Gambia, they would not follow his hatred. If anything Jammeh’s hate speech has just strengthened our arguments that without electoral reforms, no election will end his dictatorship.

Mandinkas are the largest tribe in the Gambia making up 42% of the country’s 1.8 million population, followed by Fulas 18%, Wollofs 16%, Jolas 10%, Sarahules 9%  and others 5%, then how does dictator Jammeh win elections if Mandinkas hate him? Therefore, the Gambia’s elections are fixed or dictator Jammeh is saying what he says best  LIES. His intention as usual is to divert attention from his failures in order to continue to divide and rule of the country just as many other dictators do. This is the same tactics dictator Jammeh used 15 years ago, when he murdered 16 innocent students in April 2000 in the Gambia and he blamed it on the students and the opposition parties. It’s nothing new, but Gambians should not relent from demanding their country back from his 21 years of lies, murder, torture, disappearance, stealing, tribalism, nepotism, economic mismanagement and complete failures of Gambian. If any tribe in the country thinks that dictator piggy liar Jammeh is doing you any favour, you better think twice because his hate messages are just a manifestation of his character which is demeaning to the highest office in the land. We have seen him killed Mandinkas, Fulas, Wollofs, Jolas, Sarahules, Serere, Manjagoes and foreigners so Gambians know the type of person he is.

Jammeh’s hate against the Mandinka tribe should make them feel very proud and patriotic, since he dictator Jammeh has come out and reconfirm that Mandinkas are the only tribe not to endorse his dictatorship and devilish way of leadership. Mandindas are decent, straightforward, unbiased and above all patriotic, if any Mandinka feels insulted by Jammeh’s idiotic and childish remarks, then you must be as foolish as he Jammeh, because as the old saying goes “if an ass kicked you and you kick back, then you are all equally an ass” and dictator Jammeh is even more than an ass. Because dictator Jammeh has an agenda to bring in tribal conflict in the country which is why he is on a hate tour in order to spread his hate messages as far wide as he could, but that should not distract Gambians from the bigger picture which is for us to end his dictatorship in the Gambia.  Gambians are too decent to be brainwashed by an idiot and a diabolical person like dictator Jammeh. Long live the Gambia.

Moron piggy Jammeh’s secrets are raveling by the day

Gambia’s Request to IMF for emergency fund, 2015

Just over a month ago, the Gambia government seek an emergency fund from IMF under the pretext of external stress such as Ebola that has direct impact on the economy of the Gambia. The government alleged that Gambian economy was facing urgent balance of payments needs that was triggered mostly by the impact of the regional Ebola outbreak on tourism. Even though the Gambia was Ebola free, the regional outbreak is expected to cut by more than half tourism receipts for the 2014/15 season.

However, moronically Dictator Jammeh went on to dished out the country’s meagre resources to the Senegalese wrestlers and TV personnel in what could only be described as lack of respect, sympathy, empathy for the people of the Gambia and above all sheer stupidity and piggishness. Meanwhile, he Dictator Jammeh will go publicly insulting the west but behind close doors he will secretly beg them to bailout the country from bankruptcy. Piggy Dictator Jammeh used to boost that he has his money from Allah’s world bank, however, we wonder what has happened to Alah’s world bank, has been bankrupt as well? This goes to show what type of person dictator Jammeh is, a big fool who thinks he can fool people while he only fooled himself. Click on the link and see the documents for yourselves.

Gambia’s Request to IMF for emergency fund, 2015