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Moron piggy Jammeh’s secrets are raveling by the day

Gambia’s Request to IMF for emergency fund, 2015

Just over a month ago, the Gambia government seek an emergency fund from IMF under the pretext of external stress such as Ebola that has direct impact on the economy of the Gambia. The government alleged that Gambian economy was facing urgent balance of payments needs that was triggered mostly by the impact of the regional Ebola outbreak on tourism. Even though the Gambia was Ebola free, the regional outbreak is expected to cut by more than half tourism receipts for the 2014/15 season.

However, moronically Dictator Jammeh went on to dished out the country’s meagre resources to the Senegalese wrestlers and TV personnel in what could only be described as lack of respect, sympathy, empathy for the people of the Gambia and above all sheer stupidity and piggishness. Meanwhile, he Dictator Jammeh will go publicly insulting the west but behind close doors he will secretly beg them to bailout the country from bankruptcy. Piggy Dictator Jammeh used to boost that he has his money from Allah’s world bank, however, we wonder what has happened to Alah’s world bank, has been bankrupt as well? This goes to show what type of person dictator Jammeh is, a big fool who thinks he can fool people while he only fooled himself. Click on the link and see the documents for yourselves.

Gambia’s Request to IMF for emergency fund, 2015