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The people of The Gambia need to act and act now because the status quo cannot remain, just a fortnight ago a police officer put the law into his hands and abused a teenage school girl for no reason. Fortunately, Aminata Manneh otherwise known as Minah Manneh a student at Gambia University, a gender activist and person of decency and dignity saw the injustice and took a video of the abused and share it on social media platform and the next thing was to be arrested by the NIA and she has not been seen since.

The note Minah wrote on her Facebook page about the incident was “This is a total child’s Right violation. Since when does a traffic police officer have the right to lay hands on a young school girl cuz they were fighting?? I mean we all went through this. What has become of our authorities???”. Minah said it all, since when police officers have the right to lay hands on people and what has become of our authorities? Unfortunately Minah, these are the norms of this repressive and brutal regime in The Gambia since July 1994. They started with November 11 coup suspects, continued on to Ousman Koro Ceesay, Dayda Hydara, Ebrima Manneh and on the 10th and 11th April 2000, 16 innocent students were murdered broad daylight still no justice. The list of those killed, maimed Jailed and displaced  by Yahya Jammeh’s government is inexhaustive.

Please Yahya Jammeh, can you have the decency as a father and husband to let go this innocent girl Minah Manneh as she commit no crime whatsoever. Since when is it a crime to highlight injustice? Because your government has always denied being brutal and repressive but you can’t deny this because the whole world has seen it. I will like to leave you with this question, Do we Gambians have to continue to live like this?



An innocent woman was killed on 7th March 2015 for nothing and all what we were told was, the vehicle she was traveling in refused to stop at a checkpoint. Which led to the security forces subsequent chased and in the process the security forces opened fire and a stray bullet eventually killed Ya Binta Jarju. What on earth is happening in The Gambia, does the authorities think they can fool every person in that country, no I don’t think so. I will borrow a phrase from Abraham Lincoln  “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”. Yahya Jammeh and his government have been fooling much of the populace of The Gambia since inception, but they need to realise that not everyone is being fooled.

How could the government come up with this bogus explanation and think the people will buy into that, this is not the first time security officers have killed civilians with impunity and all that the government does is to indemnify them. It is all good to charge the driver for traffic or whatever offenses, but how about the people who killed Ya Binta, because if we are to believe what they say then somebody must be charged with murder or at least manslaughter.

The only person charged is the driver of the Taxi Mustapha Njie, who was charged with four counts of failure to stop when required to stop, disobedience to lawful orders, rash or negligent act causing death and unlicensed driving, was on 19 March 2015 convicted and sentenced by Magistrate Gomez of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court on the first two counts. How about the security officers, are they there to kill or to protect? However, time will tell. REST IN PEACE YA BINTA!!!

Blatant disregard of the laws of the land, Dictatorship in full swing In The Gambia 

Only in The Gambia such a thing could happen, government officials just turned up in Babylon village and ordered people to leave their homes without prior notice to demolish homes. Why do the government allowed people to build houses in the first place if they deemed those to be illegal settlements, this is another failure of the dictatorship in The Gambia. When the victims asked why their homes are being demolished the answer was “order from the top”. This is exactly what dictatorship do Caring less about the people and caring more about a unilateral decision. 

Demolition of compounds in Babylon